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Patpong Night Bazaar



Patpong Night Bazaar

P1110002 1 - Patpong Night Bazaar

Patpong Night Bazaar is one of the most popular tourist-orientated markets in Bangkok. It’s in the middle of the Silom nightlife district running down the middle of the notorious Patpong road. It’s always busy and crawling with tourists but it’s a lively atmosphere and the cast of characters make it a must-see experience.

P1160595 - Patpong Night Bazaar P1160599 - Patpong Night Bazaar

P1160597 - Patpong Night Bazaar

The market occupies the middle of the soi with 4 rows of stalls running its whole length. At the sides are Go-Go bars, live music lounges, dodgy upstairs clubs offering ping-pong shows, and the odd shop house selling tourist goods.

P1160598 - Patpong Night Bazaar

The shopping is a mixture of copy or fake products such as Rolex watches, Lacoste T-shirts, DVDs of the latest Hollywood movies, and Louis Vuitton handbags along with general tourist souvenir stuff such as Thai boxing shorts, chopsticks, silk scarves, etc. Prices are higher than other markets, often by 2 or 3 times. Nothing has a price tag so you need to bargain.

P1160604 - Patpong Night Bazaar Patpong Market - Patpong Night Bazaar

There are no food stalls in the market but there are plenty of places to eat nearby on Silom & Surawong roads. There are also a few lounge type bars on the edge of the market that has live music, dancing, sport on TV, and a lively atmosphere. If you need a haircut keep an eye out for the pop-up barber who can usually be found a bit further down the road near Silom Soi 8.

P1150638 - Patpong Night Bazaar
Live Music
P1160560 - Patpong Night Bazaar
The Pop-Up Barber
Patpong Go Go 1024x684 - Patpong Night Bazaar
Go Go Bar

Patpong is a completely safe area to visit, though you need to watch out for pickpockets. Some of the touts advertising ping-pong shows can be annoying but you just ignore them.

Where is it?

Location: Patpong Soi 1, Silom.
District: Silom
Opening Hours: 18.00-01.00

Getting There:
BTS: Sala Daeng Station (exit 1)
MRT: Si Lom Station (exit 2)
Bus: No. 15, 45, 76, 77, 164, 172, 177, 504, 514, 544, 547


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