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Second Hand Used Store Bangkok

Second Hand Used Store Bangkok

There are several Second Hand & Used Store in Bangkok. The Used Store in Fortune Mall is a traditional second-hand store that sells just about everything you can think of. Eco Ring, Treasure Factory & Tokyo Joe is Japanese second-hand stores with stock imported from Japan & stock sourced locally. All shops both buy & sell. If you are looking for purely Vintage Clothes click here. Looking for purely Retro Collectibles? click here. If you are looking for second hand books, click here. Looking for second hand CD/Vinyl records? Click here.

The Used Store

Second Hand Stores in Bangkok
Second-Hand Stores in Bangkok

The Used Store is in the Fortune Town Mall at the Mercure Hotel end of the 4th floor. The store is full of second-hand items. You?can find bags, shoes, hats, clothes, toys, ceramics, household items, watches, paintings, accessories, furniture, bicycles, guitars, violins, vinyl records, CDs, baby strollers, tools, cameras, electrical items, and much more. There are no prices so you will have to bargain.

Second Hand & Used shops in Bangkok

Where is the Used Store?

Location: Unit 4018-4021, 4th Floor, Fortune Town Mall, Ratchadaphisek Road.
District: Ratchada
Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00 daily

Getting There: MRT: Rama 9 Station (exit 1)
Bus: No. 73, 98, 136, 137, 158, 163, 168, 171, 172, 179, 185, 206, 514, 517, 528,
529, 551

Treasure Factory

Treasure Factory is a Japanese chain of used stores with over 100 outlets in Japan. The stock is imported from Japan. They also buy used products locally that are in good condition. The Bangkok shop is well organized & tidy with prices & barcodes on every item.?

Used Stores in Bangkok

Within the shop, you will find clothing items such as bags, shoes, wallets, clothes & accessories. Also, big & small electrical appliances & musical instruments as well as a full range of interior home goods.?

2nd Hand Shop in Bangkok
2nd Hand Shop in Bangkok

To sell items you will need to bring ID such as your passport. Treasure Factory will also pick up from your home or workplace though you will need to visit the shop or call them to arrange this. There is no charge for pick up or for appraisal. Only items that are in good condition & in working order are accepted. They will not visit only to give you a quotation. All goods must work in Thailand regarding the voltage.

2nd Hand & Used Store in Bangkok
Used Store in Bangkok

Check the Facebook page for latest updates in English

Where is Treasure Factory?

2nd hand & used store in Bangkok
Treasure Factory

Location:?Summer Hill Community Mall, Ground Floor, Sukhumvit Road

Opening Hours:?10.00 ? 20.00 daily

Getting There:?BTS Phra Khanong (Exit 2 or 4)

Treasure Factory also has branches at Sukhumvit Soi 39 & at People Park Community Mall on Sukhumvit Soi 77 (On-Nut Road).

Eco Ring

Second Hand Stores in Bangkok
The Eco-Ring Store?

Eco Ring is a Japanese second-hand & used store featuring genuine stock imported from Japan. Inside you will find bags, shoes, toys, ceramics, Jewellery, dolls, kitchenware, furniture, musical Instruments, golf equipment, bicycles and more. There are also some genuine brand name items such as Hermes, Vuitton etc.?

Used Store in Bangkok
2nd Hand Store in Bangkok

Eco Ring also buys good condition products locally. If you want to sell take your goods and ID to one of the stores. No counterfeit products.

Location:3, 8 Klang Alley, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok.
District: Sukhumvit
Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00 Monday-Friday. 10.00-20.00 Saturday-Sunday.
Getting There: BTS Thonglor (exit 1). Take the third left onto Suk 49. Eco Ring is a short walk on the left hand side.

Other Eco Ring branches can be found at Asoke Road, Esplanade Mall, Suanplern Market (Rama 4), Tree on three (Rama 3), & People Park on Sukhumvit 77 at On-Nut. You can check the exact locations here.?

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Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe is another Japanese 2nd hand & used store with 2 branches in Bangkok as well as in Tokyo & New York. The Bangkok stores are located in Sukhumvit 39, & 69.

2nd hand & used store in Bangkok
Tokyo Joe Soi 69

The stock is imported from Japan & sourced locally. The stores both buy and sell. The Sukhumvit 39 store specialized in smaller items such as brand name products, accessories, bicycles, bags, clothes, shoes & more.?

2nd hand & used store in Bangkok
Used store in Bangkok

The Sukhumvit 69 store specializes in furniture products & electrical appliances. Inside you will find TV, Computer & small to large items of furniture. There is also a good display of jewelry, bags & golf clubs.

Thrift Store in Bangkok
2nd hand shop in Bangkok

The Soi 69 store also stocks both new & used fashion items such as clothes and shoes imported from Japan.?

Thrift store in Bangkok
This drone is waiting for a new owner

If you want to sell or trade you will need ID. All goods must be in good condition. No fakes. If you want to see the daily arrivals check out the Facebook page.

2nd hand & used store in Bangkok
Sukhumvit 39 Store

Where is Tokyo Joe

Location: 1/13 Sukhumvit Soi 39, & 24/17 Sukhumvit Soi 69, Bangkok

Opening Hours: 10.00 ? 20.00 daily

Getting There: BTS Phrom Phong (exit 3) & BTS Phra Khanong (exit 3). Turn left at the Post Office, follow Soi 69 by turning right.?

Masaru Japan Store

Masaru is yet another used store selling second hand goods from Japan & is on the same street as Tokyo Joe but has a much smaller stock. The ground floor has second hand goods though mainly smaller items except for the canoe! The second floor sells new anime & manga figurines imported from Japan. 

Used Store in Bangkok
Vintage Cameras

Masaru has a good collection of Samurai helmets, uniforms and swords as well as other common symbols of Japan such as waving cat figures. There are also cameras, ceramics, bicycles, sporting goods, home décor, clothes, musical instruments and even a canoe!

Thrift stores in Bangkok
Walking Canes

The 2nd floor models & figurines are both new and second hand & come in the original packaging. 


The Shop does not buy items, they only sell goods imported from Japan. Masaru has a Facebook page with daily posts of new products.

Where is Masaru Japan Store?

Location: 26/1-2 Sukhumvit Soi 69, Bangkok

Opening Hours: 10.30 ? 20.00 daily

Getting There: BTS Phra Khanong (exit 3). Turn left at the Post Office, follow Soi 69 by turning right.?

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