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Theme Cafe in Bangkok Maidreamin

Maidreamin is a Japanese style maid café in the MBK Mall in central Bangkok. The emphasis is on entertainment and not the food. The entertainment is by cute female hostesses/waitresses dressed in maid uniforms. On arriving you’re be issued a pair of bunny ears to wear and some soft toys to keep you company and pose with you for photos.

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Caturday Cafe

Theme Cafes in Bangkok Caturday Cafe

Caturday is a Japanese style cat café where you can sip your latte or cappuccino in the company of a posse of cute, adorable felines. The café is nicely decorated with lots of cat-friendly features such as high walkways and secluded sleeping places. There are at least 20 cats of various breeds including a few unusual looking ones.

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House of Paws

Theme Dog Cafe Bangkok

House of Paws is a Dog Lovers Cafe in the central shopping district of Ratchaprasong. There are about 10 different breeds of dog which customers can touch, play and interact with.

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Little Zoo Cafe Bangkok

Little Zoo Cafe Bangkok
The Owl Doorman

The Little Zoo Cafe is an exotic pet cafe in Siam Square, Bangkok. The city has several dog & cat cafes but Little Zoo is the only cafe in Bangkok with a mixture of animals. Inside you can meet Meerkats, a Racoon, Cockatoo, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Fennec, Black & Arctic Fox, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, and an Owl. Some are rescue animals, adopted after their owners abandoned them. 

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