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Bangkok Flower Market

Bangkok Flower Market

Pak Khlong Talad

Bangkok flower market

The Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talad) is the biggest Bangkok flower market. It’s located on Chak Phet Road just behind Yodpiman Riverwalk Mall and pier. The market is open 24 hours and is busiest between 03.00-04.00 am. This is when fresh flowers arrive from all over Thailand and from overseas for resale both wholesale and retail. Also, wholesalers and retailers come to buy their stock during these hours.

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Chatuchak Flower Market

Bangkok Flower Market

The other big Bangkok flower market is Chatuchak Flower Market. It is held on Wednesdays on the grounds of the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Vendors who come from all over Thailand set up on both sides of the internal loop road in the middle of the market. You will find just about every type of plant life here both local and imported including flowers, shrubs, orchids, trees of all sizes, fruit trees, vegetable plants, cactus, as well as seeds, decorative garden items, pots, gardening tools, soil, and fertilizer.
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