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MBK Fight Night


MBK Fight Night

MBK Muay Thai Fight Night in Bangkok

If you want to watch free Muay Thai boxing, then head for MBK Fight Night Bangkok at MBK Shopping Mall on the last Wednesday evening of the month. There are usually five bouts involving a mixture of Thai and International boxers including female fighters. The fights are held in an open-air ring on MBK Avenue (Zone A) on the ground floor outside Tokyu Department Store.

Fight Night in Bangkok
Fight Night Bangkok
Muay Thai Fight Night in Bangkok
Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

At MBK Fight Night, the boxing is real and the organization is professional with English commentary, ring girls, and accompanying music from a band. The bouts last from 3 to 5 rounds. The action starts at 6 pm and finishes at 8.30pm and it’s free!

A Muay Thai Fighter in Bangkok
A Muay Thai Fighter from Brazil
MBK Fight Night in Bangkok
WMO Kard Chuek Muay Thai - MBK Fight Night 17th January 2018

Where is Fight Night?

Location: MBK Mall (outside Tokyu).
District: Ratchaprasong
Opening Hours: 18.00-20.00 Last Wednesday of the month only.
Admission: Free


MBK Muay Thai Fight Night in Bangkok
Thai Boxing at MBK in Bangkok

Getting To MBK

BTS National Stadium (exit 4).

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