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Siam Square Bangkok. Shopping in Bangkok.

Siam Square



Siam Square

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Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment neighborhood that’s part of the Ratchaprasong shopping district in central Bangkok. The Square is actually a block of mini squares, streets, and alleys containing small boutique style shops, cafes, restaurants, small markets, an open-air mall, salons, tailors, massage places, and even a retro cinema dating back to the late ’60s. The square lies within an area bordered by Rama 1 road, Chulalongkorn University, Henri Dunant Road and Phaya Thai road.

P1170436 - Siam Square

The Shopping

Siam Square’s clothing stores cater to a hip fashion conscious younger crowd. The more exclusive ones are in the numbered streets (soi’s). There are many boutique vintage style shops catering to both men and women.

P1170433 - Siam Square

This isn’t a place to look for cheap clothes as a lot of the designs are exclusive and unusual though the quality is good. Prices run from reasonable to expensive. There are also a few alternative style clothing shops. One to check out is the Mermaid Castle where you can buy mermaid outfits.

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Mermaid Dresses


There are a couple of open-air markets in the square selling handicrafts, clothes, shoes, bags, gifts and a variety of souvenirs & accessories.

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A Siam Square Market
P1200889 1024x768 - Siam Square
Siam Square Market

Dining & Cafes

There are several cafes and small restaurants dotted around the square with an emphasis on Asian cuisine. Somtam Nua is a popular place serving Isaan food. There is nearly always a line outside.

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Somtam Nua

There are also several Dessert cafes, coffee shops, theme cafes and a couple of animal petting cafes. The Mermaid Cafe serves up cute colorful drinks & desserts in a bright beach, sea and mermaid themed setting. A few doors along is the Angel Dust cafe with a similar Kawai theme.

P1220432 1024x768 - Siam Square
Mermaid Castle Menu

Animal Cafes

House of Paws is a cafe for Dog Lovers with up to ten dog breeds in the cafe. You can interact with the dogs while sipping your latte. The other animal cafe in the square is Little Zoo which as well as dogs & cats feature a raccoon, a meerkat, a rabbit and an owl guarding the entrance.

P1200912 1024x768 - Siam Square
House of Paws
P1220419 1024x684 - Siam Square
Little Zoo Cafe
P1170376 - Siam Square
Fresh Fruit Smoothies


Entertainment options in the Square include an old vintage cinema, the Scala. It dates back to the late 1960s and hasn’t changed over time. No modern refurbishment here apart from the technology. The Scala is worth visiting just to marvel at the impressive art deco ceiling in the foyer.

P1050384 1 - Siam Square
The Scala

Tickets are cheap ranging from 100-160 baht, all day every day. The Bangkok branch of the Hard Rock Cafe is in Soi 11 featuring the usual food, live music, and merchandise. A new laser tag game center can be found in the basement of the Novotel Hotel on Soi 6.

P1050389 - Siam Square

Siam Square One

The newest addition to the Siam Square landscape is the 6 story Siam Square One Mall which is partly outdoor and built on the site of the old Siam cinema, burnt down during the red shirt riots of 2010.

P1170410 - Siam Square

The Shopping

The Ground & 1st floor features a fashion zone in a market-style setting with inexpensive clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as branches of Naraya, American Eagle and Nike.

P1170422 - Siam Square
The Fashion Zone

The 2nd & 3rd floors feature mostly small boutique shops and brand name stores such as Hybrid Outfitters and a branch of the Boy store from London.

P1170412 - Siam Square
He She It
P1170408 - Siam Square
Boy London
P1170409 - Siam Square

The 4th & 5th floors feature cafes, restaurants and fast-food outlets with the emphasis on Japanese, Korean & Thai food though International names such as Subway, KFC, Swenson’s & Sizzler are present.

The 6th floor features dentists, massage, spas, and medical/cosmetic clinics. There is also a branch of the hip gentleman’s barber chain Never Say Cutz on the 2nd floor and a Line Village Theme Park on the Ground Floor.

P1240889 1024x768 - Siam Square
Never Say Cutz
P1190158 1024x768 - Siam Square
Line Village

At the back of the Mall, you will find the giant beckoning cat statue. The cat is an ancient Thai breed Khao Manee cat which has white fur and gold or blue eyes. It is also known as the Diamond Eye cat. The cat decorated with flower is said to be lucky. See if you can take a selfie with it.

P1170425 - Siam Square
See You next time!

The Mall can be accessed directly from the concourse of BTS Siam Station

Where is it?

Location: Siam Square
District: Ratchaprasong
Opening Hours: 10.00-22.00

P1170414 - Siam Square

Getting There

BTS Siam Station (exits 2,6 for Siam Square, exit 4 for Siam Square One Mall)
Bus: No. 15, 16, 21, 25, 29, 30, 34, 36, 40, 47, 48, 50, 54, 73, 79, 93, 103, 106, 141, 183, 204, 501, 508, 542


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