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Wat Ratchabophit


Wat Ratchabophit

Wat Ratchabophit, built & named by King Rama V in 1869  is noted for its impressive architecture. It features a mix of Thai and Gothic styles and beautiful Thai Bencharong porcelain art decoration. The temple grounds also house the royal cemetery containing monuments to and remains of both major and minor Thai royalty.

DSC 0372 1 e1556106029546 - Wat Ratchabophit
Wat Ratchabophit

The Chedi

The temples unique features are its beautiful Thai Bencharong porcelain art decoration and its layout with the Viharn and Ordination Hall joined by a circular courtyard.  The courtyard contains a golden bell-shaped Chedi at the center, covered with golden-colored tiles and topped with a golden ball. The ball contains a relic of the Buddha. Around the base of the chedi are sixteen niches containing Buddha images in various postures.

DSC 0398 e1556124952487 - Wat Ratchabophit
The Chedi
DSC 0397 e1556124926223 - Wat Ratchabophit
The Gallery

The Ordination Hall

The main ordination hall is a blend of Thai and Gothic architecture housing a Buddha enshrined on an Italian marble base. The exterior is in a Thai style and decorated with Benjarong ceramics. The interior is in a gothic style. The entrance doors, decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl, represent various medals and decorations.

DSC 0376 1 - Wat Ratchabophit
The Ordination Hall

The principal Buddha image is Phra Buddha Angkhiros which means “the aurora bursting from the body”. The image was cast from gold ornaments of King Rama V & sits on a marble pedestal. In front of the principle, Buddha image is a smaller image, Phra Buddha Nirantaraya.

DSC 0375 1 - Wat Ratchabophit
The Buddha Images

Phra Vihara Thits

The Phra Vihara Thits is the entranceway into the inner gallery. If you look closely you can see that the gable features the Hindu god Vishnu on the shoulders of a Garuda.

DSC 0415 e1556105812744 - Wat Ratchabophit
Phra Vihara Thits
DSC 0424 e1556094625876 - Wat Ratchabophit
Vishnu on a Garuda

The Temple Decoration

The temple has recently been renovated and the restoration work is stunningly detailed & beautiful. Take a close look at everything.

DSC 0384 1 e1556094584475 - Wat Ratchabophit
A Demon
DSC 0383 2 - Wat Ratchabophit
Temple Decoration

The Royal Cemetery

At the west end of the temple grounds is the Royal Cemetery featuring some interesting Gothic style architecture. The commemorative monuments, built by King Rama V contain the ashes of his family members. Some of the ashes of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) are there along with those of his father, mother, and sister.

P1140839 - Wat Ratchabophit
Royal Cemetery

P1140837 - Wat Ratchabophit

Where is Wat Ratchabophit?

Location: 2 Feuang Nakhon Road.

District: Rattanakosin

Opening Hours: 08.00-17.00 daily

Admission: Free

Rules: Dress Respectfully.

P1140827 - Wat Ratchabophit

How to get to Wat Ratchabophit

Bus: No. 1, 2, 33, 60, 64


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