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Wat Ratchapradit

Wat Ratchapradit

Wat Ratchapradit is a very small royal temple built during the reign of King Rama IV in 1864. The temple is on the edge of Saranrom park near Wat Pho and The Grand Palace. Access is via a small door and alley on the other side of the canal opposite Wat Ratchabophit. The temple is little visited by tourists but is a must-visit for those interested in temple architecture. 

Wat Ratchapradit Temple Bangkok
The Temple Entrance

The temples distinctive features are the marble-tiled ordination hall & chedi and the Khmer style prangs. The grey and white marble tiles give the hall and chedi a chequered appearance. 


The Prangs

On either side of the main ordination hall are two beautiful white prangs that display a Khmer influence. There are faces on each side of the intricately carved prang reminiscent of Angkor Thom temple in Cambodia. Inside the prangs are small shrines. One contains a statue of King Rama IV. 


The Ordination Hall

The exterior walls of the hall are marble and the main door decorated with gold & gemstones. Thai people believe the door will bring good luck & wealth to those who touch it. The inside of the ordination hall contains the principle Buddha image backed by a blue mosaic of mirrors under a red and gold ceiling. One of the temple highlights is the lovely murals depicting 12 months of royal ceremonies such as the old Giant Swing ceremony, Songkran, and Visakha Bucha. 


Where is Wat Ratchapradit?

Location: 2 Saranrom Road

District: Rattanakosin

Opening Hours: 07.00-17.00 daily

Admission: Free

Rules: Dress respectfully

How to get there

Bus: No. 1, 2, 33, 60, 64


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